Corporate Wellness

Max Kaan is the founder and CEO of the MaXway system. Max is arguably one of South Africa’s leading hypnotherapists, and each year helps thousands of people manage their stress, stop smoking and lose weight. He regularly presents the MaXway seminars to Corporate Companies.

Is productivity down?

Are you experiencing low staff morale?

High levels of Presenteeism?

High levels of Absenteeism?

Are your staff experiencing Stress, Burn out??

Do your staff want to be healthier, happier?

If you answered yes to any of the above then book Max Kaan now and let him alleviate your corporate concerns.

Max will be happy to present his in house corporate wellness programs such as:

S-A-D Say goodbye to Stress, Anxiety and Depression (Don’t be SAD a second longer)

Stop smoking

Lose weight

Sensation Sales (Open the Mind, Close the Sale)

For more information or an onsite no obligation visit and assessment, Contact Max Now