Master of Ceremonies

The importance and benefits of an MC at your function:

We all know how important it is to have a great flow for a function with multiple speakers, presentations, award ceremonies, and stage acts.

Max Kaan will ensure your event flows smoothly, entertaining your guests between segments or breaks in your presentation. Many top companies have used Max several times for their Award Ceremonies, Golf Days, prize-givings, and Gala Dinners.

Max tailor makes his presentation to suit your company’s specific needs.

Max also offers a 3-on- 1 service where he will MC your event from start to finish, deliver a powerful keynote speech and perform his hilarious hypnotic show

Keynote Speaker

Max Kaan is a leading world authority on the subject of Mind Body Dynamics and its application in everyday life and that’s where we find ourselves quite a lot, in everyday life.

Max is a highly sought-after international speaker and delivers his engaging talks to   Senior Management, CEO’s and shop floor workers globally.

His every word will resonate deep within you and reverberate all around.

Its more than a talk, it’s a sensation, an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

It’s a set of easily implemented tools that can be applied successfully again and again.

Max Kaan speaks on:





Oftentimes his one-hour keynote speeches run into two, three hours (time permitting) because delegates just don’t want him to stop, he’s that engaging. Plus, Max demonstrates what he’s talking about, you can see it instantly working.

Why wouldn’t you use it?

Max has dedicated his life to the furtherance and application of individual consciousness. It is his sincere desire to equip people with easy, practical tools that they can utilize and command allowing them to take charge of their lives, thus creating a healthier, prosperous future for themselves, their families and their community.

Max is a prolific speaker and presenter and has an amazing ability to convey what is essentially technical content in an enjoyable, easily digested, applicable way.

Max is regularly featured on radio (Max is Rian van Heerden’s favorite Hypnotist) television and in newspaper and magazine articles.

Max can present his message via zoom videoconferencing platforms.

Remember Max Kaan’s TV show, “Nowhere land with Max Kaan” on National TV

Max travels worldwide regularly, whether its speaking to one or one thousand people, Max is Master of connected, engaged communication and uses this gift of communication dynamics over and over again, to deliver a powerful, life-changing message and experience.